Hair Success!!! – My Natural Hair Journey


Today is the day I have reach a successful peek of my natural hair journey. I have struggled lately with finding the proper method and products that my hair likes. In this picture my hair is in my first successful Wash N Go. I know to many this will mean nothing however for those in the curly girl / natural hair community KNOW it is not easy. I will be continuing to experiment with different products and give my opinions on how they worked in MY hair. It’s a journey y’all so let’s go on it together!!!!!

Before I let you go let me explain what I mean by “SUCCESSFUL” Wash N Go. When many hear wash n go they think of a simple shampoo, condition and walk out the door method. But it is NOT that. A successful wash n go consist of:

Deep Condition
T-shirt Blot Dry
Evenly distribute products in the correct order (you can never go wrong with the LOC method)
And for instant gratification defuse.

So for all my curly girls transitioning, struggling and product experimenting stay positive. It will be difficult and sometimes very frustrating. But the pay off will be amazing. If you want to know more about my natural hair journey drop a comment below and I will keep you informed. 😘

Have a curly day!!!!!



Hello Yellow

Hey there my luvs. I wanted to give you guys a quick little look of a new arrival at Chic and Curvy Boutique. Its a sexy maxi dress that is just too comfy for words. It has soooo much personality I felt like I had to bring it when rocking it. So here it is. 😘

Want the look? Click the links below










Sunday Funday

Hey guys!

I thought I would share some of my memories from a friend of mines sunday funday festivities. I must admit she did a awesome job at taking my mind off one of the most difficult time in my life.

Our menu included pizza, bread sticks, wings, strawberries, tequila and brownies (hehehe).

With it being spring I figured I would break out my floor length chiffon dress I got from Chic and Curvy boutique late last year. It was a absolute hit!!!! Everywhere I went I was flooded with compliments. Get yours today at