Would you date YOU?


I’ve come to find that beauty and body is not what gets you married or a man (I can guarantee that). It’s YOU as a person and your character that gets you married. Ever sit back and asked yourself, Would I date me? Would I marry me? So I challenge my followers to look at YOU in depth and ask yourself that question. Tell me your thoughts I’d love to hear them and trust me I don’t judge.

Have a good weekend loves……


Truth Tuesday……

Today’s Truth Tuesday question is mostly for my ladies. But fellas feel free to chime in if u want.

Do you think you’d get more (time, money, gifts, etc) being a guys side girl or his main? And would you be a side chick?

Now before you answer I’d like for you to think about this for a minute. Think about all the situations u have witnessed AND encountered. And comment below with your response.

Aja Alia


Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

How do you feel about dealing with a person that is already in a relationship?  And why would you?

Ok so I already know their will be a certain “someone” out there who will think that this post is for them.  BUT, to be perfectly honest this was a requested topic I received via text over a week ago.

As you all may know I live in the state of temptation (California).  And in California their will ALWAYS be a handsome man or beautiful woman that will cross your path on a daily basis (depending on your area, LOL) and believe it or not a great percentage of them are already in a relationship.  And truth is most of them don’t mind dating, flirting and/or having sex with someone else besides the person they are in a relationship with.  All too often woman are the ones that put themselves in a situation such as this and gains nothing from it .  Wait,  other than a broken heart, a broken whoo haaa (in my K Michelle voice) and alone.  If you are a woman who has been in a situation before I’m sure you have asked yourself,” how did I get myself into this shit?”.

Now I sure their is some woman out there that has placed herself in this type of situation and thought she was winning because he left that woman he was with for her. Bless your poor little heart.  Because the rule is the same way you get a man is the way you will loose him……  With that being said he WILL do the same exact thing to you.  What do you think?

This discussion is officially open…………………..